A portrait, music and travel photographer based in London.

Music, travelling, art and photography have always played a fundamental part in my life. This passion turned into a lifelong quest to capture the essence and true character of people, places and events as I see and feel them.

The very first experience of using a 35mm film SLR camera at the age of 5 made me fall in love with photography. Then, as I grew up, shooting photos became a way of telling stories and keeping a visual diary, from going to concerts, exploring new places and sharing good times with friends.

After achieving BA (Hons) degree in Communications and Audio Visual Production at London Guildhall University, I went on to work as a lecturer in Media Studies at London Metropolitan University. I later joined the world’s biggest music company, Universal Music Publishing.

My work has been exhibited and published internationally and some of my clients include BMG and Lazari Investments.

I’m available for studio and on location photo shoots – If you would like to book a photo session or discuss a photography project, please send an email to:


Get in touch and let’s create new, amazing images!

Lenny Kalcic